The task was to develop 2 similar break dance animations, one with a male character and the other one with a female character. They wanted to use the animations in an ecard related project, where the user would upload an image with his face and it would appear as he/she is break dancing on a scene in Central Park (NY City). They needed something cartoonish, funny enough, with a smooth animation and of course with break dance movements.

They also didn't had any clue about what kind of characters they wanted or what kind of break dance movements they needed so we started from scratch.

First thing was to create different characters and suggest different break dance movements. At some point we finally came up with the current characters and 5 different break dance movements (neck & shoulders movement, the tap leg movement, the snake, the disco movement and the body wave).

We decided to go with 30fps and create both animation files in Toon Boom Studio. The final sources were delivered as FLA files (this was their request) so we also had to take care of importing all the TBS files into Adobe Flash. No ActionScript code was written for this project.

 See Break Dance in action!
Aug 22, 2009
Suitable for all ages
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